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How to Avoid a Delayed Closing

When buying a new house, nothing is more exciting than finding out your offer has been accepted for your dream home. The countdown to closing may begin, but there are still some factors to stay

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10 Summer Home Tips

Summer is about to hit its peak which means the sun is out and the heat is turning up. In order to beat the heat and fully enjoy the relaxation within the comforts of your home, you first should

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An Attitude of Gratitude to Honor Those Lost

Memorial Day. One of the most celebrated U.S holidays, yet it can be a somber day for many.  This special day honors those who have given their lives fighting for our country, and for those

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Move-in Ready vs. Fixer Upper: Which is the Better Fit for You?

The real estate market is hot and right now, there are more homes being put up for sale every day. However, with rising home prices, many buyers want to survey all of their options before they make

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