Agent Spotlight: Tim Ferris

Dated: September 18 2022

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This month we would like to recognize the efforts and achievements of LRG agent Tim Ferris. Tim has been with Team LRG since the end of 2018. He started his career here after previously serving as a member of the Special Forces group, the Green Berets, as part of his 22 years of service in the U.S. Army. Since then, he has consistently shown us his dedication to achieving success as he continues to instill his steadfast Military values in his professional work.

Now working in real estate, Tim believes it couldn't be more of a better fit for him. He currently works as a buyer's representative, serving as a stepping stone toward helping clients and their families achieve life-changing experiences. However, he says being with LRG has made his own goals possible. 

"This company works as a high-performance team," Tim states. "Unlike many other brokerages, LRG gives you the tools to succeed and unprecedented opportunities to use those tools in the real world to help real people."

Here, Tim has focused on selflessly finding the best solutions for the client. He knows in the end, that's what ultimately matters the most. Everything else becomes an afterthought. 

Once, Tim had a buyer back in November 2019. She was a single, active duty Army Staff Sergeant PCS'ing to Fort Sam. The client planned to be here for at least 18 months before deciding to move again or stay here longer. Initially, she wanted to rent, but Tim helped her realize she would find more benefits from buying instead. 

After finding a great home and getting everything situated, COVID struck a month before her closing date, and the implemented travel ban affected her planned move. Since the client could not be present for the delivery of her household belongings, Tim was willing to drive to her new home and move a good portion of her belongings in for her. However, his ambition to go beyond the tasks of a typical real estate agent impressed the client so much that she continued to seek him out for all her future real estate endeavors.

Tim also has many other tremendous accomplishments outside of his real estate resume. In addition to his 22 years of service in the U.S. Army, he's:

  • Served as the COO, President, and Director of North American Operations for multiple global private security companies

  • Worked as a military contractor for numerous U.S. government agencies 

    • Served as Team Leader for a U.S. Government Counter-Terrorist Team in Indonesia

    • Served as Deputy Program Manager for the Bureau of Iraqi Dignitary Protection.

 He has also published his book, titled "Mind Energy - The Power of M.E.!" and possesses a Master in Business Administration from the University of Texas in Dallas, a Master in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and a Certification in Leadership and Coaching from Cornell University.

We are so grateful to have you as a part of our team, Tim! Thanks for continuing to share your wisdom and skills with not just LRG but your clients.

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Agent Spotlight: Tim Ferris

This month we would like to recognize the efforts and achievements of LRG agent Tim Ferris. Tim has been with Team LRG since the end of 2018. He started his career here after previously serving as a

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