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Dated: January 27 2023

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For most people, buying a home can be exhilarating but also a little nerve-wracking. While this feeling is expected, we also want you to be prepared. Since starting LRG, we have sold over 15,000 homes in Texas, helping people know what to look for when they enter the real estate market. Now, we want to help you. Here are five things you should consider before buying your dream home.



Most people don’t know that buying a home near good public schools can be suitable for your home, even if you don’t plan on having any kids. The educational appeal will increase your home’s value and even attract potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future. School districts hold so much weight that they can make or break a home sale. When it comes to home buying, most people are not buying just the home; they also seek a sense of community and what it offers. Families want to live near schools that provide their children with quality education, and San Antonio is home to several great ones.


Traffic Patterns

If you’re from Central Texas, you know it can be home to some of the worst traffic jams. From early morning commutes to the 5 p.m. hustle and bustle and everything in between, Texans are just going and going and going. When looking for homes, find areas that are accessible when it comes to your daily routines. Consider how specific locations will affect your transit times and even transportation options. Find a choice that is convenient and considerate. By thinking about both, you better equip yourself to make a decision.


Energy Efficiency

Never disregard the importance of energy efficiency. Recent surging energy prices can play a big part in making you spend more than you need to. As a prospective home buyer, prioritize accessible energy-saving features that make your home more comfortable and durable. For example, did you know you can incorporate renewable energy in your electricity, water heating, and even space heating and cooling? The options are endless, and by doing this, you can help the environment and your wallet.


Soil Conditions

An underrated and often forgotten factor, soil conditions are one of the most important things to consider. The soil stage on your property, especially on a new build, can play a surprisingly important role in your home-buying process. Having good soil composition means it can properly support your home’s foundation. A house needs extra support if you find loose or easily compressed soil. Always test your soil composition, and you can avoid potentially costly foundation repairs.



For those looking into real estate investment, always think about the rentability of a property. How well will it sell to others? Will the property create profitability for you? Always be sure to evaluate the expected income, expenses, returns, and risks that come with every property. Knowing the complete picture can help you make the most of your investment. While rental properties can provide stable sources of income, knowing the entire situation will help you in the end. To learn more about how to go about renting the right way, visit our complete guide here.

Contact us at 210-801-9115, visit our website, or follow us on Facebook (@LeviRodgersRealEstate), Instagram (@levirodgerslrg), and TikTok (@levirodgerslrg) if you want more guidance on how to succeed in buying your dream home. We’ve helped thousands across Texas and want to help you too! LRG is home to many specialists with the proper experience. We always want to see y’all win.

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Tester 2000

Things you need to know.mov from LRG Media on Vimeo.For most people, buying a home can be exhilarating but also a little nerve-wracking. While this feeling is expected, we also want you to be

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