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Guaranteed Offer

Get Your Guaranteed Offer

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Find Out If You Qualify

You could get a Guaranteed Offer on your home in just 48 hours if you qualify for the program. No staging. No cleaning. No showings. No open houses. You totally bypass the traditional market and pick your closing date—as soon as three weeks after you approve the offer, or longer if you need more time. Our Guaranteed Offer Program offers the speed and convenience people have always wanted in selling their home. Most importantly, it puts YOU in control!

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How It Works

We have partnered with one of the biggest real estate investors in the USA as well as other local investors so we can now offer the Guaranteed Offer program to qualifying homeowners.

If you are interested in selling your home immediately and want to avoid the additional time involved in preparing it for sale, putting it on the market, and then waiting for an offer to be presented to you, then the Guaranteed Offer program could be one for you

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Does My Home Qualify?

YES IT DOES! Bottom line, we have a solution for everyone… We have a wide variety of investor partners that pay market value, and those investors that are looking for homes to flip, rent, or hold privately.  Additionally, and more unique than any other program out there, WE HAVE BUYERS THAT ARE WILLING TO PAY RETAIL FOR YOUR HOME!

IT DOESN'T COST A PENNY TO GET AN OFFER, WHY NOT TRY? Offer form takes less than one minute, and our team will be in touch with you right away.