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However you came to be on this page, we welcome you. The Levi Rodgers Group is a team committed to excellence, integrity in sales, and the personal touches that make this industry a people-focused one through and through. We put our clients first, we are team- focused, and we support our clients navigate the complexities of home purchases, investing in Real Estate, and selling their homes.

Our culture stems from the experiences of our founder, Levi Rodgers. From his Military experience, he learned of the importance of having highly honed skills. Our team engages in regular RELEVANT training, classes, open communication, and has access to cutting edge technology to help improve our skills, as well as our client’s experiences. Real Estate moves quickly, so the support of our team is crucial.


We believe that our Agent's time is best spent out in the field, doing what they do best- meeting with clients. That is why we have a full office staff and support infrastructure to facilitate appointments, verify our leads, and ensure that lead rotation is fair and fast.

Real estate is a fast paced field. Our buyers and sellers need someone who has the desire to keep up with and anticipate their needs, and who is aware of up to the minute market trends. That is why we hire only those with a sincere commitment to their profession. We are looking for self-starters who are motivated to keep up with our extremely fast-paced office. We have a well honed system of lead procurement, and now need to add to our team of well qualified agents to join us and Sell Your Heart Out!

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Our recruitment department is always actively seeking top-notch talent. Everyone benefits by hiring the best talent- our clients, our company, and potentially YOU. Our service and brand name is only as good as our team members, so we hire only the best. If you fall into this category, we can't wait to hear from you.