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I am not one for empty flattery.

There are very few people in our society that will speak the truth regardless of if it offends someone. I am one of the rare breed of people who will tell you what they think regardless of the consequence. With that said, it is difficult to express into words what I think about Levi Rodgers. There are a few adjectives that appropriately describe Levi like integrity, honesty, commitment, tenacity, courage, and honor; but, there is more to him than that - much more. He is a man who says what he means and means what he says. In today’s society, there are many that seek a free or easy ride. They seek the road that is the easiest traveled versus the rocky, steep road of doing what is right. Of all people, Levi could spend the rest of his days sipping iced tea while collecting a check from Uncle Sam. As a former Special Forces ODA team chief, who sustained combat injuries in Afghanistan, there are not many who would argue that he doesn't deserve a a life of iced tea on the front porch. However, that is not Levi. The type A personality that allowed him to serve as one the worlds’ elite operatives, is the same attitude that Levi brings to the table every day. As a Realtor, he gave 100% and never said no. I am by no means an easy client. I worked hard for my money and want the most for my money. Levi gets that and is of the same mindset. He found the house we were looking for and took a few bruises along the way from my short temper. I dealt with a few agents prior to meeting Levi, and I could tell they were in it for the money. Levi is in the game because he enjoys the game. He wants to win - period. He strives to be the best, and in my opinion he is the best. He puts his client first and works for them. In the end, we found the house we wanted for the price I was willing to pay. But above that, I met a great man who inspired me to realize that life promises nothing and that those who are winners are those that get up and drive forward even after life kicks you in the teeth. Seeing a man gripped with pain walking up stair after stair showing homes made me realize that we take so much in life for granted. Thanks Levi for helping me refocus on the things that are important in life. Your character and life speaks volume to those around you. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your service to me and my family as a Realtor; but above all, thank you for your service to this country - De Opresso Liber!

The Snow Family

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